Choose from 250 #careermusings every week

I compose 250 career-related thoughts every week for my clients to choose from. Visibility on social media requires the regular posting of engaging content - the #careermusings service allows clients to pick their favourites and schedule them into Hootsuite for the week. This takes no more than 15 minutes.

The #CareerMusings are one-line original thoughts with a relevant hashtag.  As well as being perfect for Twitter, they can also form the basis of a LinkedIn update or a Facebook post (with a unique photo chosen by the client). There is a £3,600 annual fee - for 12,000 thoughts! Click the picture above to view more details.


HR & Recruitment Blog Ghostwriting

I have written recruitment content for global Recruitment MDs and HR Directors for the last four years. Content marketing has never been more important for recruiters - make sure that your blogs stand out for the right reasons. I write weekly or fortnightly 500-word blogs for £150 per blog, with a 10-blog rolling agreement.

A bit more about me....

As well as my client blogs and #careermusings, I  write my own personal blogs on LinkedIn, gaining 40,000+ followers since starting writing there in 2015. I founded my HR & Recruitment writing business in 2012 and am a global leader in the HR writing space.

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